Environmental Services

Environmental Services Featuring R-O-W and Site Restoration

Environmental Services - Energy Mat Alliance - image-content-environmentComplete installation and maintenance of all SWPPP requirements & all E&S materials utilizing project & industry “Best Management Practices” (BMPs)

Energy Mat Alliance personnel receive classroom & field training for each project SWPPP. Training includes Electrical Awareness, Invasive species control, E&S certifications, Hazmat training, OSHA 30 & 40/hr. certifications, SWPPP, Pollution control, State and Local Soil / Erosion, Storm & Sewer, Miss Dig & First Aid / Basic Life Support. 

play_arrowEMA's Best Practices for Delivering Successful Site Restorations

  • We pro-actively deliver project stabilization and restoration practices. We accomplish this by getting out ahead of construction activity early in the project and by working closely with the project managers, stakeholders and inspection team to demonstrate knowledge and deliver the SWPPP stabilization and erosion control work daily and on a continuous basis.

  • We typically do 1 to 2 meetings with the client and client inspector pre-construction to identify all key project goals and features. We confirm best materials and work expectations for the project.

  • We make sure we have the total E&S materials for the project on site in advance of the project start to ensure we can perform whatever restoration or stabilization is needed.