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Access, Drilling, Renewables | Energy Mat - image-content-workAccess, Drilling, Renewables | Energy Mat - icon-h1-flag30+ Years' Experience Delivering OSHA Compliant R-O-W Access & Maintenance

Safe access is vital to the success of any utility project and a core component of our work product deliverables. We perform the full range of civil site work necessary, including installation of work yards, staging & parking areas, temporary & permanent roadways, slope stabilization, culverts, bridging using Timber Mats & steel bridging, gates & fencing, check dams and more in NY, PA, MA, NH, VT, CT, FL, WV, CA, WA, IN, KY and all across the East coast.

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Access, Drilling, Renewables | Energy Mat - Sunrise_ImageAccess, Drilling, Renewables | Energy Mat - icon-h1-shieldSpecializing in the Preservation of
Protected Areas

If you need R-O-W and other civil engineering services through highly sensitive areas such as wetlands, resource areas, or areas of historic or archaeological significance, you need the expertise of Energy Mat Alliance. Our crews have provided project stabilization and restoration for utility projects across areas of significance such as Native American burial sites, T&E species areas, urban backyards and more. We can preserve any environment while providing your crew safe and sturdy access to the jobsite.

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Access, Drilling, Renewables | Energy Mat - image-content-environmentAccess, Drilling, Renewables | Energy Mat - icon-h1-plantProviding the Safest Environment to Ourselves, Our Clients and the Environment

At EMA, every employee and subcontractor is committed to the safety and protection of our work, the environment and everyone on the jobsite. Our employees and subcontractors are trained to follow all federal, state and local regulations. We monitor all aspects of our daily operations, ensuring potential issues are recognized and reported to our management.

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