Safety Program

Energy Mat Alliance is Committed to Safety for our Clients, Ourselves, and the Environment.

Safety Program - Energy Mat Alliance - safe1Here at EMA, we strive to ensure that each and every employee and all subcontractors understand the following:

1. EMA believes that the Safety of Everyone is our top priority.

2. EMA understands the importance of Protecting Our Work and the Surrounding Environment.

3. EMA knows that Safety, Quality, and Production are the three pinnacles of good business practice.

Therefore, we ensure all employees and subcontractors are trained to follow all federal, state, and local regulations. We also ensure all employees and subcontractors are receiving the training needed to be sufficient in their job responsibilities and are able to recognize any issues that need to be addressed so they can follow up with management. Here at EMA we promote operations that minimize the impact on our environment. We also promote safe work practices and work procedures by monitoring all aspects of our daily operations.

For Safety/Environmental Questions or Concerns please Contact Us.